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NOT WITHOUT LOVE 7 Tasks to Check Off

In "Not Without Love: 7 Tasks to Check Off," Leatrice Woody, a retired Chicago police officer, invites us into her remarkable life, where the streets of the Windy City served as both her battleground and her love story. With unwavering dedication to her community and a heart filled with compassion, she leads with love, taking us on a deeply personal journey through the challenges and triumphs of her extraordinary career.

Through her poignant storytelling, we witness the struggles and victories that come with wearing the badge. From the early days of patrolling the city's toughest neighborhoods to the profound connections forged with the people, she served and protected. Woody's memoir and self-help guide is a testament to the power of love within the police force and in the heart of a city often marred by crime.

'Not Without Love' is a stirring tribute to the resilience of one woman's spirit, her unyielding commitment to justice, and the profound impact she made on the city she called home. It's a heartfelt narrative that transcends boundaries and speaks to the enduring human capacity for compassion, even in the face of adversity.

'Not Without Love' is more than a memoir; it's a blueprint for you brave enough to follow in her footsteps. Check Off Your 7 Tasks as you explore each chapter. 'Not Without Love' serves as a toolkit for rookies and veterans alike, emphasizing that success in law enforcement remains an elusive quest without love- whether for the job, the people, or the city itself.

NWL . 7 Steps to Check Off - Hard Cover

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